How to Implement Personalised Videos for NFP Success


Personalised video communication is on the rise and Australian non for profit organisations are taking a bite of the action by starting to implement this technology in their communication with donors. After all, personalised videos have shown to have impressive results when it comes to conversion, engagement and click through rates.

When it comes to implementation there is really no limit as to how personalised videos could integrate with your communication strategy, imagination is the limit. In this blog I will outline some ways in which charities could use personalised videos to cultivate and foster their relationships with supporters. The list below is by no means exhaustive but it will you give some ideas to get started.

Using personalised video communication for donor care and retention is one of the most powerful uses of video personalisation. Delivering relevant and unique video messages to your donors makes them more willing to engage, view and react to your content. Don’t settle for low email open rates, with personalised videos your open rates can be boosted by 272% (Vidyard) simply by mentioning personalised video in the email subject line.


Thanking your donors and showing your appreciation for their support is an important part of donor care. Sending a personalised video to your supporters and letting them know that their valuable donation is appreciated can lead to greater loyalty and ongoing support. By validating and thanking supporters for their actions it makes them more willing to come back and give back, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to establish a connection with your donors that is beyond a generic thank you email.


Creating a summary of the end of year report and delivering it your supporters in a form of personalised video can be a very powerful way to engage donors with your cause, show them how much your organisation has achieved and how their contribution made it possible. After all, telling stories and making your donors part of them is what keeps them going, we all want to make a difference and be part of a change for the better so take your supporters on the journey to inspire and to show how much can be done when everyone joins together.


Sending happy birthday wishes to regular donors is something many charity organisations overlook, however this can be a golden opportunity to cultivate and develop relationships with your regular donors that are beyond donation asks. Sending happy birthday wishes can show your donors that you truly care, after all not only did you remember their birthday, but you also sent a personalised message to go along with it. Be prepared to receive a birthday donation as a token of your care.


Sometimes converting cash donors into regular givers can be a sensitive and difficult task. However personalised video can do a good job to extend a polite ask for a regular donation. After all, cash donors already care for your cause and trust in your work otherwise they probably would not have made the initial donation(s) in the first place. Sending a personalised video shows your donors that you care, that they are seen as individuals and that growing and establishing relationships and making them part of your journey is of paramount importance to your organisation, making them more willing to engage and become regular gift givers.


Bequest is another one of those slightly sensitive and difficult topics to bring up and make an ask. A bequest campaign can involve an engaging personalised video to introduce your supporters to the idea of leaving a gift in wills and followed by a personalised phone call from the charity can warm up the potential gift givers to the idea. Of course it may require a few more touch points to completely convert the donor, however a personalised video will make you stand out by making your organisation more memorable and attractive to the potential donor, after all you already made them feel part of the story through personalised story telling, placing you ahead of the other charities that they may consider.


Personalised video appeals can be a touchy topic for many charity organisations, despite the strong dominance of internet marketing many fundraisers swear by direct mail as the most effective form of communication for appeals. However, it is not always necessary to choose either one or the other, personalised videos and direct mail can work hand in hand when it comes to appeals. Some ways to boost your appeals this year may be to send personalised videos to inform your donors that their personalised letter for Christmas appeal is on its way, and ask them to keep an eye out for any direct mail communication from you. Alternatively sending follow up personalised videos to your regular donors who have not responded to your appeals may also be a good way to yield extra donations from all those donors who care yet somehow overlooked, forgot or procrastinated to donate.


Regular donors care and support your cause, this is why if you show them that making a small increase in their contribution can make a big difference they would be more willing to upgrade their regular gift. Letting them know this through a personalised video is more engaging than simply sending an email and leaves a greater impact along with the more heightened sense of responsibility, making your donors more likely to upgrade.


While many organisations have a planned out supporter journey from the start to the next 2-3months, many fail to include a personalised video to wow the newly acquired donors from the very beginning. Once a new donor is acquired, either through face to face marketing, digital campaigns etc. sending a personalised video is a great way to make strong links with your supporters from the very start to make them feel special, show them that they are appreciated, treated as individuals and to introduce your work and mission in a more engaging manner that is memorable and powerful.


All charity organisations face the issue of lapsed donors, many simply sigh in disappointment and move on to acquire new ones, however those thousands of donors that have lapsed over the years can in fact be a gold mine for your organisation. They have been donors in the past and hence your cause is already important to them, and despite the fact that there may be numerous reasons why they have stopped their regular donations a simple nudge and an ask can be very effective in getting some of those lapsed donors back on board. Personalised videos provide you with an opportunity to reach out to a large number of lapsed donors in almost an instant with a personalised approach and with an affordable price tag.


Most charities face the inevitable task of chasing up all the missing and rejected payments, while most use telemarketing services to reach out to every customer and ask them to update their payment details with a hefty commission for each successful call, it can be a relatively expensive and time consuming task. Personalised videos allow you to personally reach out to the donors, tell them the reason for the declined payment and efficiently and effectively ask for the detail update which they can do instantly on their own.

Hopefully this blog post has given you some ideas to start implementing personalised videos in your marketing strategy, or at least inspired you to give it a shot and do some A/B testing to see how your donors respond to personalised video communication.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have any other suggestions for the uses of personalised videos I would love to hear them. Let’s start a conversation….

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