4 Things That Will Make The Most Of Your Personalised Video Campaign

1.     Make an awesome template video

Well-made video sells. No matter how much personalisation you add to a bad video, it will still be bad! Make sure your template video for personalisation is of a good quality and is engaging and appealing to viewers. We recommend keeping the video between 45sec-1.30min in length to get the best video completion rate.


2.     Mention Personalised Video in the email subject line


If the personalised videos are delivered using eDM, make sure your viewers can clearly see “Personalised Video” in the subject line, after all, it’s what most likely will get the emails opened. Mentioning it at the beginning works best, this is because when viewed on certain mobile devices the subject line only displays the first few characters rather than the whole subject.


In fact, A/B tests by Switch Merge, showed that simply mentioning Personalised Video in the subject line can increase email open rate by 272%.


3.     Include a personalised Image or GIF in the email body to increase CTR


Most email clients cannot play videos in the email. To increase CTR we’ve been adding a personalised thumbnail of the video in a form of a still image or a dynamic GIF with a pulsating play button, drawing more attention to the video and incentivising the CTR.



Vidyard ran A/B tests to measure the effectiveness of personalised thumbnails in the email and saw a 19X higher click-through-rate with a personalised thumbnail.  

“The results were outstanding… The email with

the personalized thumbnail, alone, captured more people’s attention and

converted them better than any other campaign we had ever run.”

4.     Send a follow up email a week later to everyone who hasn’t opened the original email with their personalised video


People can often miss an email, or leave it for later and then simply forget about it. Sending a reminder email to view the personalised video can be an effective strategy. The cost of sending a follow up email is virtually $0, as the personalised videos are already generated and just waiting to be viewed.

Virgin Wine were able to increase their ROI from personalised video campaign by sending a follow up reminder email to view the personalised video to everyone who hasn’t opened it in the first round.

Do you have a little trick to increase ROI on your personalised video emails that we haven’t mentioned here? Share it with us in the comment section below!