5 Reasons Why Personalised Videos Will Boost Your Tax Appeal This Year. 

Personalised videos for tax appeal

It's that time of the year again. The rush of EOFY is gradually starting to kick in as one of the busiest donation periods of the year approaches. Most organisations have already worked out what yields best results for them, whether it’s direct mail, email or social media campaigns. However as donor demographics shift with time and new technology is arising there has never been a better time to re-evaluate your strategy and deliver a campaign that catches attention, engages and converts. 


Here are our top tips for boosting your Tax Appeal with personalised videos this year. 


1.Video personalisation is still a very new technology and for most people receiving your personalised video will be the very first time to see a personalised video made especially for them. What’s a better way to deliver a memorable message and make your donors feel special this year?


2. Another reason why your donors will love personalised videos is because they already love video content, after all video is considered the preferred form of communication for most internet users and video makes up 1/3 of all online activity (http://www.insivia.com/27-video-stats-2017/) with further predictions that it will reach 80% all online activity in the next year.


3. Sending personalised videos also makes it incredibly easy for donors to donate, with a donation form ready to be filled out right after the video finishes, it does not require your donors to perform any complicated functions or a make a large number of click to get to the donation form. All it takes is one click to view the personalised video and only one more click to send through the donation. 


4. Living in the world of big data also means learning to use it and making the most of the information that you collect from your donors. By personalising videos and including a personalised elements in the video 78% of people are more likely to engage in the call of action (marketo) compared to messages that are not personalised to the individual. 


5. If the first four reasons are not enough to convince you that personalised video communication is the way to go this Tax Appeal then this last reason will definitely get you over the line. Recently B2C Community (http://www.business2community.com/#j6GvJXTK5pq7fcaW.97) announced that personalised video marketing results in 10X better engagement rate than any other digital marketing technology to date and after doing some A/B testing Vidyard announced that when you mention a personalised video in an email subject line open rates skyrocket by whopping 272%. 

So whatever your plans for this year’s Tax Appeal are, including personalised videos can greatly increase your donors engagement rates and amplify those donations. If you’re not sure if this technology will work for your donor database then doing some A/B testing can be a great way to see how your donors react to this personalised video approach. Along with your standard Tax Appeal practices you can send 1000 personalised videos (enquire about our special offer today) and track which method yields highest conversion rate. I can assure you that you will be in a for a lovely surprise.