5 Brands That Are Making The Most of Personalised Video


Vodafone nailed their personalised video to get customer to renew their mobile plan and continue enjoying the benefits of Vodafone. What a better way to engage and delight your audience than a visually effective personalised video that captures attention from the first moment.


Barclays created a personalised video to on-board their customers, adding a personalised touch to the customer experience from the very first interaction. Standing out from the crowd and wowing your audience has never been easier than with personalised video.



Amobee created an engaging personalised video to upsell promotions, getting customers to redeem their special vouchers using the amobee app. The video not only features the customer's name, but is also tailored uniquely to customers based on previously purchased items.

This video is yet another example of Idomoo's creative, personalised advertising videos.


Oxfam created a simple yet touching personalised thank you video for their supporters, to personally thank them and visually show how their support makes a difference. It is a great way to connect with supporters and build long lasting relationships. 



And finally, the queen of them all - facebook!  Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia looking back through facebook’s personalised video with memories from back in the day. It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s engaging and most importantly it stops you from scrolling, even if it’s only for one minute.