Virgin Wines

Virgin Wines send gopersonal real-time videos to their loyalty members with a personalised promotion after they fly with Virgin Airlines.  


Cancer Council NSW

Cancer Council NSW sent a personalised Thank You video to all past participants of The March Charge featuring a personalised voice over greeting and the amount fundraised in the previous year.


Anglicare Victoria

Anglicare Victoria launched personalised videos as part of their Christmas appeal in 2017. With personalised videos, they have been able to personally address each potential donor by name in the video,  achieving higher EDM open rates and click through rates than ever before. With 46.8% of people opening their email and 10.4% clicking through to view the video. 


ChildFund Australia

ChildFund sent personalised videos to their donors for tax appeal, achieving a whopping 43% email open rate and almost 12% of people clicked through to view their personalised video.


Other Case Studies

(Videos not available to the public)

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The Smith Family

In April 2018, The Smith Family launched a personalised THANK YOU campaign. Sending personalised videos to their supporters, personally thanking them for their contribution and sharing the story of one of the students supported by The Smith Family to highlight the impact that donors make to the children's livelihood, wellbeing and education. They achieved 52.7% average email open rate between six donor segments and 29.3% CTR as well as receiving positive feedback from donors. 



With personalised video, tribefire was able to  send personalised statistics to each player following a football tournament. 

Dan Palmer- co-Founder of tribefire said that gopersonal were able to help them engage their audience providing a unique and exciting user experience.

"personalised videos allowed us to create an end-to-end immersive experience around playing football with tribefire. Would highly recommend gopersonal's technology to engage your customers!" said Dan. 

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