Virgin Wines


About Virgin Wines

Virgin Wines is part of the Virgin Group (planes, music, mobile phones, you know… all that good stuff).

Virgin Wines sell boutique-quality, handcrafted wines from Australia and around the world.

Each wine is available by the bottle, case or as part of Wine Clubs.

Campaign Objective

Virgin Wines’ campaign objective was to increase email open rate and conversion on the promotional email sent to New Recruits customers with a special offer to sign up for a wine plan.


Virgin Wines sent their customers a dynamic personalised video featuring the name of the viewer with a personalised call to action to sign up for the wine plan. The promotion was delivered by an email campaign, with a personalised subject line, and featuring a personalised GIF in the email body to incentivise receivers to click through to view their unique video.

personalised GIF

The dynamic video was hosted on the landing page with a personalised greeting and sign up form directly below the video.

The email was resent a week later to everyone who had not opened it in the first round.

Screen Capture of the landing page

Screen Capture of the landing page



39% personalised video completion rate.jpg
1.5 conversion rate with personalised video.jpg

The outcome was outstanding, with 39% of viewers watching their video through to the very end - resulting in 1.4% of all email receivers signing up for the wine plan after watching the video in the first email round and 1.5% of people converting in the second email round.

50% email open rate with personalised video.jpg
24 click-through rate with personalised video.jpg

Whopping 50% of receivers opened the email and 24.3% of people went on to view their personalised email.

In the first email round, 11% of people who viewed their personalised video took up the offer and signed up for the wine plan. While in the second email round 33.1% of people signed up for a wine plan after viewing their personalised video.


The personalised video campaign delivered an impressive conversion rate which was considerably higher compared to other email campaigns without personalised video.

Virgin Wines were able to increase their email open rate by mentioning a personalised video in the subject line, and including a personalised dynamic GIF in the email body lead to higher CTR, landing more people to see the special offer.